Luna’s Lullaby

for SATB choir and percussion


Duration: 8’

Instrumentation: SATB Choir and Percussion

About the piece:

Luna’s Lullaby is Alex’s first choral work, comprised of lush, clustered harmonies and an ethereal text.


Luna’s Lullaby

Text by Jessica Stone:


Dreams, sweet dreams

Soft, sensual strumming

The night fiddles humming,

Beautiful Luna she shines and gleams

Dream, dream, dream, dream.

Close your eyes and dream.


Silent farewell 

The stars swell 

Beauty so bright they shall shine through the night

Dawn to the dusk whispers so light 

Good night.

The sky, sapphire blue,

A crepuscular bliss, a twilight hue,

My moon, with beauty true,

Your brilliance will glisten the whole night through.


Dreams, sweet dreams,

This wistful world is not as it seems,

Yet Luna, she knows,

Silent and smiling she patiently glows.

Yet the dawn is arriving

The sun is arising

The day is reviving 
and ah!


Oh Sweet Dreams, please take me back there

Sleeping on soft clouds, please take me back there

Oh Sweet Dreams, please take me back there

Oh, won’t you take me back there?

Oh, won’t you take me back there?

Won’t you take me back there?

Please take me back there?



March 6, 2014 (PREMIERE)

Solon High School Auditorium

Choir: Solon High School Choir

Director: Gary Lewis

Percussion: Adam Hatteburg, John Kosnik, and Kevin Blank

Score and parts available for purchase. Please contact Alex for inquiries.

Upcoming Event


Buskirk-Chumley Theatre

Bloomington, IN

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